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Every year, Oct. 1st is celebrated everywhere as World Vegetarian Day. This day has been founded by NAVS, the North American Vegetarian Society. The promotions go on for a whole month to end on Nov 1. NAVS have concisely outlined some of the excellent reasons to go veg:

1. Reduce the risk of major killers such as heart disease, stroke and cancer while cutting exposure to foodborne pathogens.

Good reason to start veg foods.

2. Provide a viable answer to feeding the world’s hungry through more efficient use of grains and other crops.

Never thought about it. But excellent thought.

3. Save animals from suffering in factory-farm conditions and from the pain and terror of slaughter.

True that.

4. Preserve irreplaceable ecosystems such as rain forests and other wildlife habitats.


Well now that we have ample reasons to be convinced about “Vegetarianism” let’s begin. But don’t know how? This World Vegetarian Day, we share with you five simple tips to “Go Vegan”.

1. Today is a good day to start

World Vegetarian Day is a great day to begin and makes it easy to remember your anniversary. You will get lot of motivation around you through social media on this day. Convince your spouse or family member to join you on the first day.

2. Know more about its benefits

Look for varieties of vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, beans, and nuts that you have yet to try. You may be surprised what is out there when you start looking around. Fruits are very good anti-oxidants. Detox your body. See your skin glow. Lose some weight and be prepared to look awesome.

3. Try meat free diet for a day

See how it feels to eat only veggies, fruit, and grains for a day. Be supportive of the choice of vegetarian family members and friends about you. Try with a veg sandwich or burger. Try making some yummy fruit smoothies.

4. Buy a vegetarian cookbook

Buy a vegetarian cook book. Try out new recipes which are quick, easy and tasty. Take a feedback from friends and family. Who knows, you might be able convince someone else to “Go Vegan” as well.

5. Fix a day in a week to “Go Vegan”

Fix a day in a week say, “Veggie Wednesday” and eat only fruits and veggies on that day. Slowly, make it to two days in a week and so on…. Fix a target for the year.

All the best…. And don’t forget to share with us your experiences of being “Vegetarian” for a day.

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