Let health not be a part of your midlife crisis

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Awareness to men’s health is on the raise the world over. American Academy of Family Physicians once suggested that, on an average, only 38% of men in the US go to the doctor and that too only when they are extremely sick. But being healthy is not the same as not being sick – just because you aren’t seriously sick doesn’t mean you are healthy.

Once you reach your 50s, it’s important that you have a general health check once a month. Furthermore, you need to constantly look out for a few vital symptoms that may indicate health problems.

It’s worth skimming through the prime symptoms you have to look out for:

Blood in your urine is a major red flag, especially if it is ample enough for you to see with the naked eye. It is a probable symptom of prostate cancer. It could also be due to stones in your bladder or kidney. Rush to the nearest doctor as soon as you see these signs.

Hair loss is common as one reaches middle age. Today, due to factors such as chemically tampered packed food, air pollution and stress, hair loss is increased manifold among the Indian urban populace. But you may want to consult a doctor because, among men, this condition can spell bigger problems such as syphilis, malfunctioning thyroid gland, or ringworm.

– Medical professionals suggest that 70 % of cases of erectile dysfunction are a symptom of problems that are more deep-rooted in your system. When faced with this condition you may want to consult a doctor so you can rule out a few typical ailments associated with it such as neurologic problems, kidney disease, diabetes, vascular conditions and heart problems. These conditions also prevent a man from achieving an erection as they damage nerves, smooth muscles, arteries, and tissues.

– Another symptom you want to probe into is fatigue. In most cases, it can be both a cause and symptom of anaemia, depression, sleep disorders and thyroid problems.

– If you have regular bouts of dizziness then know that iron deficiency can be the culprit. Also, watch out for pale skin, shortness of breath and headache for the same concern. Start taking a vitamin B complex pill a day and, on doctor’s consultation, you can also opt for B12 shots depending on the acuteness of the deficiency.

Check your T-levels. It can spell myriad health issues. Men begin to produce lesser testosterone as they age. Testosterone is responsible for bone density, muscle mass and sex drive among other aspects of a man’s well-being. A low testosterone level can cause insomnia, weigh issues and fatigue. Next time you have trouble climbing the stairs know that it’s not a healthy sign.

Aging gracefully is also about watching your health closely. Do share with us your experiences regarding the same.

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  1. Very important topic. Middle age being the most demanding on family front & even on professional front, one can not afford any such disorders. Yes, prevention is better than cure.

    Very very valuable article…

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