Summer is here and apart from mangoes it brings quite a chaotic season full of sweat, sunstroke and heat boils. Now, you can’t just skip this season, so here are the ways of how to beat the season:

1. Stay Hydrated… always!
As much as it’s needed for the children, it’s advisable for adults alike to always stay hydrated and gulp a lot of water. In fact it’s suggested to go for a liquid intake every one hour to avoid sunstroke.

2. Vitamin D is good, but not always
Yes, we know Vitamin D is good, but being directly exposed to the sun for long will result in heatstroke, skin problems, or even cancer. It’s advisable to always protect your head with an umbrella, a hat or a cap, whatever suits you and your style statement.

3. Take bath twice a day
It’s imperative during this time to take bath twice a day to avoid skin rashes and infection. It’s also advisable to use cool talcum powder to keep the areas free from heat boils.

4. Eat light and healthy
Summers are usually the time to avoid having too much of junk or oily food as it may lead to dehydration and untimely bowel movement. It’s advisable to eat green leafy vegetables as they contain the essential nutrients required to run a body.

5. Take care of your hair
Hair takes the most amount of toll during summers as extreme temperature and excessive exposure to sunlight damages the quality of your hair and makes it thin and weak. It’s advisable to oil and use proper conditioner for your hair to maintain its glow.

6. Wear sunglasses
As stupid as it may sound, but wearing sunglasses is really important during the summers not just to up the style quotient but to protect your eyes from harmful radiations. Try going in for the Polaroid ones and as they will protect your eyes from the UV rays.

7. Avoid mountains, travel to the beaches
We know you are a mountain person, but during the summers it’s advisable to not trek but go on a beach and relax. The reasons are quite many. Firstly, excessive walking under the sunlight may lead to sunstroke. Also, it damages your skin. Thirdly, there are more chances of you getting an allergy because of few botanical creeps.

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