5 Reasons to Digitize Medical Records.


The importance of a complete and comprehensive medical history.

Medical records are stored so doctors can understand your health better from your history.

If we assumed that an average healthy individual visited the doctor once in 2 months, and that each visit generated a page of a medical report, then in a year’s time, he/she would have a minimum of 6-8 pages. However, almost all of us don’t have ideal health, and must frequent hospitals more often. Hence, our medical reports for even ten years become a fat book of incomprehensible bills and sheets. However, the same can be accessed anywhere as long as you have internet if you digitize them, and would not have to worry about its storage.

Hospital Inventory

Additionally, the hospital/doctor must also keep their own copy of your medical
records. Taking into account all the different patients who they have ever treated, they must maintain a well-curated internal inventory of all medical reports. Most establishments have a rule to dispose of reports that are older than a set period of time
due to space constraints. All these issues become immaterial if medical records go digital, as an immense digital/cloud inventory can be bought, which occupies virtually no space and can be maintained indefinitely.


Which leads us to the other issue with hospital inventories: safety. Medical records are stored in vaults, but unpredictable occurrences could result in damage or destruction of physical records, and can be an irreparable loss for the medical institution. With the
Cloud boom, cloud technology has revolutionized everything information-related, including storage. A secure cloud storage with backup in another cloud could be the end of all inventory safety issues.


These days, doctors in remote locations who do not have the equipment or the
expertise to diagnose a disease have the option to mail their peers anywhere in the world to get their opinions. Moreover, it has been noted in the medical world that electronic medical records greatly augment the uncovering of new knowledge through the automated and systematic analysis of unstructured data by applying advanced computational techniques that enable comprehensive data collection. This means that the larger the digital library of medical records, the more the chances are that computer-aided research will come up with a solution for all the major ailments we suffer from.


Another significant factor in our times of internet connectivity is the protection of patient dignity and confidentiality. Physical records are at risk since the information is not electronically protected. A digital record could be encrypted at the source so only the patient and those he authorizes may be able to access it.

Digitizing medical records is coming up in a big way, especially in developing countries, where people find it difficult to maintain and comprehend a physical medical record. Moreover, the global medical family is joining hands to move records to the digital so that a global database may be accessed to improve health and healthcare efficiency in a revolutionary manner.

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  1. Great to learn this. Lets be smart in digitizing all our family member’s health records and access in a split second from wherever we are!

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