Elivio: The app that applies to every task you have

Bringing things together
Elivio’s values are family values. We intend to bring the family closer together and bond better. We envisioned the app as something that will help people connect better. Following that idea of bringing things and people together, we now have a platform where we have brought together many services for you: services that otherwise are not to be found at one place.

Let’s clarify.

Imagine someone who guides you on financial matters. Where to invest, what to avoid spending on, how to chart a way of saving for a specific purpose, etc. Now, imagine if that person can also tell you how to cook Boti-kebab. Unlikely, isn’t it? When was the last time you met someone who was a finance analyst and a chef?

Elivio is that person for you. Someone who does widely varied things. A do-it-man.

From finance to education and more
Like in the example above, we clubbed a gamut of services on Elivio’s cloud-based, data encrypted platform that is readily accessible, and completely secure. From financial advising and monitoring, to personal health tracking and storing medical records for reference, to educational guidance and paying utilities, Elivio does everything a family needs to get done. So health, education, finance, storage, scheduling and payments… With one app, you now have the privilege of handling all the tasks in and out of home.

Guiding juniors and seniors alike
Elivio is designed to be a friend to everyone in the family. It’s the go-to member of your family for any suggestions, planning and scheduling, and payment tasks. Let’s take the education feature for instance. Elivio is a smart platform that analyses the scores and tendencies of your performance at school/college and elsewhere, and suggests how and where you should make changes for better results. Likewise, for the elders, it is an app that does everything from storing medical records to have for ready reference and even tracks your health changes over time and reports with smart info graphics to let you see and analyse your health changes.

Elivio is a do-it-all when it comes to utilities. You can You can view your payment schedule for the month/year, make payments and do whole calendars on Elivio. All sitting at home and all at a click of a mouse or a swipe of a finger. Think of it as any other utility app, only with a host of additional features that you will never find on them.

Digitized and anonymous
Even the most popular finance apps have a tendency to snoop on your data. Elivio respects your privacy in total. We don’t keep any backdoor to your account. That’s a mandate we follow. So it’s not just about the digitized security that we are talking about here. We are also talking about the idea of having your personal data secure from third party influences. Elivio provides you a space for digitizing and storing your valuable and vulnerable documents, and does that with absolute anonymity.

Every app ever
The idea was to make the life easier for the whole family. Elivio is working to live up to that aim by serving you the a-la-carte of features and options that are ever expanding, and crafted to do more.

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