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The all-in-one app now has the easy and instant utility payment feature. On Elivio’s smart home management feature, you can also check if someone in the family has already paid any of the bills, so everyone remains in the loop.

It’s about time. Why spend it in a queue? Elivio now offers you the advantage of paying all your utility bills from home. We are now providing a near complete range of utility payments via Elivio. And today we are here to tell you the foremost reasons why you should switch to us, or start using Elivio to pay bills.

The why:
There is no shortage of utility payment apps on the market. However, what put Elivio apart is the promise of privacy.

Elivio’s means private:
We do not trade our transaction data. We have a policy of not knowing your information, let alone sharing the same with third party associates for our own profit. As the market for big data grows bigger, even the blue chip names are being dragged into the privacy breaching, data sharing racket. Not Elivio. Our end to end encryption is based on a protocol that sets it apart and ahead of the best portals out there. We are better than Google Drive when it comes to data privacy. We simply do not have access to your data. Likewise, we are better than all the finance apps that read you messages and utilize that data.

Elivio’s means instant:
This one goes without saying. If you are paying bills through an app, you expect it to be instant. And Elivio is securely linked with your bank accounts, and performs your payments securely, and instantly. Further, with Elivio’s financial calendar feature that lets you plan and schedule the spends of the month, you can sit back and relax while we take care of all your billing worries.

Elivio’s means everything:
We believe in having all-in-one service. That’s Elivio: the all-in-one life organizer. Hence, we have all the utility billing options lined up for you. From gas to DTH and mobile recharge to insurance premiums, you can schedule and pay for every sort of service on this app, at a single touch.

Elivio’s means utility:
Payment via Elivio is easier. It’s the perfect wallet for the connected citizen. Secure, private and instant, this is the utility payments solution you were waiting for. In the days to come, we shall keep adding more utilities to the list of our payment feature.

Meanwhile, for a full list of utilities you can start paying off now, visit us at elivio.com

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