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Elivio wishes you on the occasion of World Heart Day 2017.

On days like this, we might say a lot of things about keeping our heart well and healthy. People generally take a lot of oaths of well living. We promise ourselves we are going to run. We say we are going to start having oats for breakfast. By tomorrow, we will have forgotten it all. And in the evenings, we will return to our burgers and 11 o’ clock dinner. So this year, let’s not talk about World Heart Day and all the promises that we never keep anyway. This way, let’s talk about the other, better function of the heart: the function that is not about us, but about others. Let’s talk about “having a heart”. Let’s talk about caring for others who are not quite as fortunate. Because what is a healthy heart that doesn’t care about others? So here are three very simple, very easily executable ideas that you can arrange for at your community centre, club, or neighbourhood, and celebrate World Heart Day in a way that makes a difference.

Chocolates are good for the heart.
Everyone knows that. But instead of having chocolates for yourself, why not arrange a chocolate workshop? It takes the least effort. People are going to enjoy. And all the kids are going to love it. The chocolates can go to all the schools for underprivileged kids. World Heart Day comes just before Diwali anyway. So you can always have the chocolates packed as gifts and take them to the children yourselves. Think of all the hearts you will win.

Run. But not just for your heart.
Running is good for the heart. Well? What about it? You can make the next World Heart Day special by arranging a group run for a week, every morning. During the run, you can plant trees in the neighbourhood. It is as simple as that. At marked water-pits every hundred yards or so, everyone can plant a sapling. That’s a couple of hundred trees planted in just one week. And think what good it will do to Hyderabad’s heart, in addition to your own.

Share the love. That’s what hearts are for.
Whatever you might love, in your neighbourhood, in other parts of the town, share it. In fact, make the week of the World Heart Day the week of sharing the things you love… messages, pictures of places, ideas of change and betterment…whatever. Start a circuit in social media that pools together all things and people and places we love, and celebrate the reasons behind. In the end, there’s enough hate and rivalry sharing on social media these days… make the World Heart Day a day of sharing love.

So those were the three ideas for celebrating World Heart Day in a different manner than every other year. Whichever you do, don’t forget to digitally coordinate and share your stuff via Elivio. Who knows, maybe next year, Elivio will be the best thing you love. Until later…

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