Diwali has traditionally been about lights, devotional rituals, melee of loved ones in their best attire and of course loads of sweets. It may also mean different things to different people, but the above mentioned connotations are a must have points. Hey wait, Diwali has already gone are you must be wondering why am I now still penning about Diwali?

The answer is simply because I want you to know that Diwali is no longer a sweet festival, it’s now a multi-crore marketing opportunity for traders and unscrupulous adulterators to sell their wares. They have already minted money and may have caused unnoticed damage to your health. Yes, I mean the toxic flames inhaled from bursting crackers, fat-rich diet, sugar-surplus sweets, carbonated drinks, spicy snacks and god knows what all have already gone into your system.

Let me tell you the sad part is that you may not be even aware what havoc these culprits have already caused to your inner body systems. Many complain of abnormal blood pressure, gastrological issues, eye irritation, severe back pain, heavy head and the list continues. These are a few of the symptoms to prove that your Diwali wasn’t a happy Diwali for your body. Not just during Diwali, today’s hectic schedule, fast food lifestyles, unbalanced diet are equally to be blamed. Don’t take this writing as a pessimistic or preachy lesson which I am writing to bore you with; I simply want you to undergo a health check-up. These health check-up assess the actual functioning of all the major glands, vital organs, inbuilt metabolic systems and more. To put it in simple words it’s like taking your vehicle for servicing to ensure that it remains functioning with optimum results.

You may counter that you look fit and healthy and need no stupid health check-ups. Well in that case you merely assume that all is well because you do not have a confirmed report which actually substantiates your assumption. You do save some money but you may be at risk till some major health issue happens without notice. These health check-up which now cost, say a thousand rupee, may cost you lakhs followed by hospitalization with a life threatening situation. Think about it, like the saying goes precaution is better than cure. To end this writing on a sweet note let me tell you that these multi-level health check-ups are now offered at discounted price with up to Rs 500 gift voucher on booking through Elivio app.

So no need to search for any diagnostic lab, just a click on Elivio can have your tests at the convenience of your home itself. You can also book a test to your beloved ones and show your care post-Diwali.

May god take care of those who chose to ignore this writing and thus save a few bucks by not taking the health check-up. Happy health and happier Diwali next year to the rest.

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